The Prayer Project

The Prayer Project is the foundation of Live Strong Ministries. This is where my heart beats fast for those on the other side of this screen. In 2014, I heard the Lord say, “Now is the time to become strategic in your prayer life”.

So, I started by taking Scriptures from both the Old and New Testament, then I began to string them together so that I could categorize them into areas of my life.

As a follower of Christ, His Word and prayer are one. I found that as I read the words of Scripture, I became compelled to start praying. It was the testimonies of men like Abraham and Moses that drew me toward God. I couldn’t physically see Him but I could feel His presence as I read and I could mentally see the hands and feet of God in their lives. I wanted to experience the Lord like they did. I started to pray for that and through this project, I have!

It’s surreal how the more I study and dig into the books of the Bible, I need more and more of Jesus. He draws me with His truth. He will you too!

The Bible is written in a way that it pulls you in close. Once you see the heart of God for you, there’s no turning back. I was ruined for the old ways of study, I wanted to know what God’s plan was for our lives, then I began to pray that plan over myself, my family, my church, and my community.

It’s my hearts desire that you will make The Prayer Project your own. As you study God’s Word and see the story of Genesis to Revelation unfold, He will speak to your heart and reveal His plan for you.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

When I read this, my soul took a deep breath. The Lord, He has a plan for me. I’m not walking through this life in my own strength. There’s so much freedom in that!

Why? Because I am not always strong, I am not always brave. I don’t know what tomorrow holds and for me, fear resides in the unknown. Once my heart lined up with Jeremiah 29:11,knowing that the Lord watches over my husband, kids, and all those people that I love so much, comfort came. He has their future, which is also my future in His hands. That’s hope to me and I feel that protection daily.

Are you ready to trust Jesus, I mean, really trust Him? Give Him your hopes, fears, dreams, expectations for your future and for those kiddos you’re pouring yourselves into. I know Mama’s.. I get your emails, I hear the struggle. Let’s start out 2018, fresh with Jesus. Let’s give Him our prayers, praises, and our hearts! He’s SO worthy and faithful!!



Here’s The Prayer Project Guide to get you started!